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The MagnaHalter (patent-pending) is an up and coming business ide that creates and sells equine halters that use magnetic closures (patent-pending).

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Starting Up the MagnaHalter™

The MagnaHalter™

The process of the  MagnaHalter™  becoming a reality was, and has been a very tough but rewarding journey. It was originally designed for a class project to be submitted for the 2016 R.E.S.N.A. (Rehabilitation and Engineering Society of North America) Student Design Competition for an opportunity for Sara to go to Maryland and present the  MagnaHalter™  at the annual R.E.S.N.A. Conference. While it was not chosen to go to Maryland, R.E.S.N.A. published the abstract for the  MagnaHalter™  on their website.

Then, in late 2017 the Bowling Green State University College of Business put out a call for ideas for their annual Hatch program. The Hatch program is a prestigious business program with a similar set-up as the American television show “Shark Tank” which people pitch their ideas for investors to fund to help create a business. Sara decided the  MagnaHalter™  deserved a second chance, so she applied, went through the application process and was chosen to be one of ten Hatchlings for 2018.

Throughout the process of the Hatch, Sara constantly researched, rebuilt, and worked on the  MagnaHalter™  to prepare it for the big Hatch event in April 2018. Hours were spent networking to advertise, design, manufacture and perfect the  MagnaHalter™  to ensure that she had done all she could so the investors could see her passion, vision, and future of the  MagnaHalter™  in the world.

Ultimately, the  MagnaHalter™  was invested in and is currently working towards small-scale production and field testing.

Sara would like to thank Kirk Kern, Hatch Founder and Director and Raymond Braun, the Dean for the College of Business for their mentoring and providing the opportunity for BGSU students to participate in The Hatch. She would also like to thank Bob Venzel and Mark West for their phenomenal support and mentoring throughout the process, teaching Sara all about business and pushing the  MagnaHalter™  to be the best product it can be. Lastly, Sara would like to thank Heather Smith for her valuable insight as a para-equestrian, never-ending support and promotion of the  MagnaHalter™ as well as Deb and the rest of the Serenity Farm family for their support and encouragement. She would also like to thank all of her investors for their support of the  MagnaHalter™ .