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The MagnaHalter (patent-pending) is an up and coming business ide that creates and sells equine halters that use magnetic closures (patent-pending).


What is The MagnaHalter?

About The MagnaHalter™

 The  MagnaHalter™  is the first halter to be designed for riders with fine-motor deficiencies or disabilities to halter their equines independently.

This adaptive halter eliminates the need for buckles and clasps by replacing them with magnets and a unique catch piece. The magnets create a quickno-fuss closure of the halter while the catch piece adds strength to the closure.  This system enables the handler to undo the magnets with ease while making sure the horse is not able to escape from the halter with a quick tug.

The Magnetic Closure System

How Safe is the Magnetic Closure System?

The  MagnaHalter™ is designed to be used independently by riders of all abilities, but also to be safe for their equine partners. Equine health and safety is the top priority for our products. We use magnets that can be separated with less than twenty-five pounds of pressure to ensure that equestrians of all abilities are able to separate them.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals by providing donations of MagnaHalters™ to therapeutic equine facilities.

Reserve Congress Champion Trainer for Nationally Ranked Equestrian Teams

Good idea, definitely has its advantages...easy...convenient...enticing because of its simplicity.

Katie Morehead-Oman Reserve Congress Champion Trainer for Nationally Ranked Equestrian Teams

Para-Reining Gold Medalist

[The] concept is great! Not having to struggle with a buckle is awesome...Thank you so much for considering the struggles people go through.

Heather Smith Para-Reining Gold Medalist