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The MagnaHalter (patent-pending) is an up and coming business ide that creates and sells equine halters that use magnetic closures (patent-pending).

Development of the MagnaHalter™ Tag

Student entrepreneur invents accessible halter for equestrians with disabilities Hannah Finnerty | Editor in ChiefMay 5, 2018 At the age of four, Sara Clark fell in love with horses.  “The first time she rode a horse, she was at the county fair and she rode one of the little ponies," Wendi Clark, Clark's mother, said. "After that, anywhere she went where there were horses, she wanted to ride.”  From 4-H to Bowling Green State University's Equestrian Team, Clark, a BGSU senior and Bowling Green native, her passion for horses has continued from her childhood. But recently, her interest in equine sports has expanded into business.  She recently